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Cricket Care

Crickets can be added to the diets of many animals. They are easy to use and help provide the protein and roughage they would naturally acquire in the wild. Crickets also bring out the natural hunting skills of animals.
How to Feed

Place enough crickets to feed your pet in a small transfer container. Putting the crickets in the refrigerator for a few minutes can slow the crickets down, making them easier to catch for your pet. Feed only enough crickets that will be eaten immediately. 

Crickets should ideally be unpacked as soon as possible. Place the crickets into a deep sided plastic container or tub with a tight fitting, ventilated lid and provide some hiding places (egg cartons work great!). Ensure the tub is extremely well ventilated, as crickets don’t survive long in low air quality environments. The best storage temperature for crickets is between 27°C and 30°C. Make sure to avoid overcrowding your containers.
We also recommend to feed your crickets our Feed. 

Feeding your crickets high quality feed with lots of vitamins and minerals will mean that nutrition is passed to your pet.